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COVID has derailed educational opportunities for hospital trustees across this country. Hospitals that depend on travel and in-person conferences are turning to iProtean for answers. As a virtual board education company, we have developed a robust education strategy that has proven to increase learner engagement. In fact, during COVID, we have seen an 80% increase in education activity among our hospital trustee learners. Outlined below are 5 key strategies that you can initiate today.


01. Mindset: Education must be accessible

A post-pandemic world makes it is harder for a trustee to travel. Therefore, education must be accessible anytime, anywhere.

Action: Embrace virtual learning

Offering a virtual education opportunity that can be consumed by the trustee from their computer is a must-have. iProtean offers a board education platform that can deliver courses directly to the trustee's desktop and mobile devices. In addition, we offer a virtual experience that brings distinguished subject matter experts straight into the boardroom.


02. Mindset: Make learning part of the plan

Make learning a part of your success plan. Create consistent engagement among your trustees by making it a priority across the entire hospital system. Impart a mindset that learning is not optional, but mandatory.

Action: Ask for a commitment

Discuss the importance of education, agree that learning will become a priority and add it to your bylaws. In addition, we ask all of our trustees to take the "iProtean Pledge" - a commitment to learning and ongoing education.


03. Mindset: Learning will not happen organically

Information overload is a problem when asking someone to self-manage their learning. Instead, provide the board member with various trusted resources and create clear learning goals each year.

Action: Create learning pathways

Our recommendation is to evaluate the learning needs of your organization and individual trustees. Then, create a learning pathway of scheduled courses for each individual. iProtean has a built-in calendar feature that allows us to schedule courses with due dates to keep learners on track.


04. Mindset: Learning must be measurable

If education is not measurable, then an organization has no way of knowing what, when and how a board member is learning. Measurable education will ensure that trustees have the appropriate knowledge to make decisions that generate positive outcomes for the organization.

Action: Utilize technology to track data

Our recommendation is to utilize technology to track the learning progress for each trustee. iProtean has a built-in reporting tool that allows your hospital to review both the high-level metrics as an organization and the micro-data for each trustee.


05. Mindset: Learning must be fiscally responsible

COVID has forced everyone to rethink how they spend money. In-person education, conferences and travel costs have diminishing marginal returns. Instead, allocate resources that maximize outcomes with ongoing eduction.

Action: Invest in virtual learning

Our recommendation is to leverage virtual learning that scales education across the entire board. iProtean's platform allows trustees to consume on-demand video courses and provides live group presentations delivered digitally to the boardroom.

Who is iProtean?

iProtean is a virtual board education company that curates, produces and distributes relevant content to hospital trustees. We package over 70 courses in Finance, Governance, Mission & Strategy, Quality and Technology & Innovation into a digital interface that can be accessed by board members from their desktop or mobile devices. Take a tour of our platform below.

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