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Let's discuss the following:

* 1. Who is iProtean?

* 2. Take a quick tour of our platform.

* 3. What is an education pilot?

* 4. Here's what we propose.

1. Who is iPro?

iProtean is a virtual board education company that curates, creates and distributes relevant content to hospital trustees. We believe that education should be accessible, actionable and affordable. Our team is dedicated to transforming virtual education for hospital trustees and executive leadership.


The great gatherers

Our goal is to gather information from the country's most distinguished subject matter experts, package that information into a simple presentation and deliver it to hospital trustees.


Knowledge empowerment

Whether it's a freshman or senior board member, our goal is to close the knowledge gap and empower the trustee to be effective in the boardroom.


Learning on-demand

We offer 100+ courses in Governance, Finance, Mission & Strategy, Quality, Technology & Innovation delivered directly to the desktop, tablet or phone.


Bite-sized learning

When developing new courses, our objective is to create efficient learning by packing 5 key takeways into a 10 minutes or less video experience.


Live virtual experts

We don't stop at courses. Our VX experience brings subject matter experts virtually into the boardroom for an interactive and customized experience.

2. Take a quick tour

3. What is an education pilot?

Our education pilot program allows your organization to experience courses, customer service and measured outcomes over a 60-day period for a friendly fee.

Education pilot outcomes

Below are the outcomes from a 13 hospital pilot:

What are trustees saying?

"I completed 8 courses in one morning because I absolutely LOVE the format - it is powerful to take a pre-test and score 0% (!) and 10 minutes later achieve 100%. Immediate feedback and visible growth is exhilarating!"

- Alycia Nathe

"I was surprised by how helpful these modules were. The length and level of content were just right. I actually enjoyed them and am eager to do more."

- Charles Wheelan

"This is an important tool that allows me to better understand the day-to-day work of the hospital, which does not happen very easily at Board meetings due to the number of current issues that need to be addressed."

- John Scherding

"I do really like the concise way the content is delivered. It is done in chunks that I am comfortable taking the time to use. Overall, I like the format and the content."

- Greg Lange
4. Here's what we propose

Let's launch an education pilot to test our collaboration.

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