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The iProtean Promise

Never Stop Learning.

This is our unwavering pledge to our hospital partners. With health care moving at gig speed, the demand for transformative board education has never been more essential. To keep in front of change we turn to seasoned experts, the power of digital age video, and advances in new learning technology.

It's our hope you will join us. Gather up your trustees, administrators, and physician leaders, and together join the pledge, 'Never Stop Learning.'

How We Deliver On Our Promise

1. Rapid deployment of original content

Fresh video content packaged for foundational and advanced learners. With ongoing content coverage on hot topics in governance, finance, mission & strategy, quality, and innovation & tech. Timely delivered directly in to your customized learning platform, at the click of a button.

2. Crowdsourced from respected healthcare thought leaders

Meet The Collective, our ever-expanding roster of laureates crowd-sourced from a spectrum of fields - including management consultants, the legal community, academia, hospital leadership, and industry. We analyze top priority developments essential for board education, curate insights from authorities in the field, and package videos in to compelling, bite-sized, easy-to-grasp courses.

3. Designed to drive education and invigorate board culture

Asking stakeholders to pursue self-paced learning is not always an easy ask. Some will see it as homework, others may welcome it, if only they had more time. We introduce a customized learning environment that more closely reflects the culture of your hospital. Our intuitive learner dashboard, easy to navigate knowledge library, and rich set of collaborative features collectively lift learner momentum and accelerate measurable, actionable outcomes.

4. Built with maximum optionality and utility

Dedicated to advancing leadership no matter the size of your organization - from smaller rural to larger system hospitals. We meet each hospital where it's at by customizing curriculum for different board types, learner levels, and educational objectives.

5. The power to talk with our experts, on-demand.

Introducing Experts on Demand™, a perfect fit for hospitals seeking direct access to our thought leadership. Now your board and executive leaders can set up appointments with our curated team of top health care experts. Ideal for preliminary inquiries and insights. Click, schedule, talk. It's that simple.

Exclusively for select hospital partners.

Powerful Education-Igniting Features

This shortlist highlights eight of our top tools custom-designed to change how learning gets done for trustees and executive leadership

Learners can earn certifications for 50+ courses.
Course Scheduling
Schedule courses for your learners with due dates.
Course Voting
Voting allows learners to rate course quality.
Reporting Tools
Monitor any learner's education progress within our LMS.
Mobile Ready
Learners can instantly access our LMS from desktop, tablet or phone.
Congratulatory notifications and past due reminders.
Friendly gamification tracks top performing learners.
Intuitive dashboard with interactive learning environment.

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Prices & Plans

Introducing the first subscription video platform for hospital leadership. Three plans uniquely designed to fit size, service, and budget.

Good Plan
This introductory plan is an ideal starting point for smaller-scale hospitals or budget-sensitive settings. It comes complete with our entire Knowledge Library spanning 55 courses across five key pillars of education. Boards benefit from essential LMS features to accelerate learning and drive outcomes. Features include on-boarding, reporting, and personalized learner dashboards.
Better Plan
This plan is perfect for medium-sized healthcare settings, including district and community hospital systems with multiple boards. Building on the earlier plan, additional benefits include: year-long concierge planning; gamification; access to experts by digital presentation; our micro-advisory service **Expert on Demand**; and, eligibility for The iProtean Pledge Challenge.
Best Plan
This plan is a strong fit for larger hospital systems that want to give their boards and executive leadership maximum flexibility and enhanced course planning tools. Building on the earlier plans, you will benefit from exclusive features, including: Trustee Swapping, our Curriculum Calendar; additional visits by our experts; and, broader access to Expert on Demand.
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