5 Discussion Topics for Hospital Leadership

Team iPro had the opportunity to sit down and talk with a collection of amazing subject matter experts on the future of hospitals in the post-COVID world. Join us in this micro-series as we unlock new insights from some of the nation's most distinguished leaders in Population Health, Strategic Planning, Clinician Burnout, Enterprise Risk Management, and Technology & Innovation.

Part 1. Population Health

David Nash, MD, MBA | Jefferson College of Population Health

Dr. David Nash, Founding Dean Emeritus of the Jefferson College of Population Health, outlines the 5 'P's hospital leadership must be paying attention to from a population health perspective to position their organization for success in a post-pandemic world.

Part 2. Strategic Planning

John Harris | Veralon Partners

John Harris, Director at Veralon Partners, provides three key insights for hospitals and health systems wondering what to do with their strategic plan now.

Part 3. Clinician Burnout

Stephen Beeson, MD | The Clinician Experience Project

Stephen Beeson, MD, Founder of the Clinician Experience Project, provides three tips for healthcare leadership to support their clinical staff - the foundation of their organizations - to not only prevent burnout but to help their providers perform their best.

Part 4. Enterprise Risk Management

Marian Jennings | Jennings Consulting, Inc

Marian Jennings, President of M. Jennings Consulting, Inc., explains why it is important for hospital leadership to examine their approach to enterprise risk management and provides three action items boards can take to financially prepare their organization for the unthinkable.

Part 5. Technology & Innovation

Andy Shin | American Hospital Association

Andy Shin, Chief Operating Officer of the AHA Center for Health Innovation at the American Hospital Association, discusses three big trends to look out for as technology plays a larger role in healthcare.

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