Seeking AHA Leadership Summit Attendees for “One Wish” Series

Seeking AHA Leadership Summit Attendees for “One Wish” Series

If you had one wish for healthcare, what would it be?

iProtean, the only video learning platform designed exclusively for healthcare board members and senior leaders, invites attendees of AHA’s Leadership Summit to share their best idea on how to change healthcare in a short video interview during the conference.

The first 50 leaders to sign up will receive a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card.

Sign up today to participate in a “One Wish” video interview.

The video interviews—which will be conducted throughout the AHA Leadership Summit—can be recorded on the spot and in any location and take just a few minutes to complete. After the conference, some videos will be added to iProtean’s library of leader-to-leader insights for hospital board members and senior leaders.

The “One Wish” series is a great way to “crowdsource” education for healthcare’s senior leaders and board members, says Jeffery Adler, CEO, iProtean. “Education is one of our greatest weapons in health care, and we need to be dynamic and inventive with it,” Adler says. “Sharing ‘a-ha’ learning moments through the ‘One Wish’ videos is a powerful way to effect change in the industry—something leaders at this conference are extremely passionate about.”

For more information on iProtean’s “One Wish” campaign, visit To learn more about iProtean and to view its full list of video learning courses for healthcare leaders, visit

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