Hospitals that participate in structured learning pathways see an increase in learner activity by over 80%.

15 min

Micro learning has been shown to improve long term information retention. Dedicating only 15 minutes per month can make a substantial impact.

30 hrs

10 trustees dedicating 15 minutes to education per month will collectively accumulate 30 hours of learning time per year.

How does the ILP work?

It is super simple! Each month, learners will log into their iProtean account and complete the courses that have been scheduled on their iProtean calendar. Each course will be approximately 10 minutes in length and provide actionable takeaways. Please watch the short video below to take a tour of the process.

What are the next steps?

Make learning part of your organization's culture

We firmly believe that learning has to be a commitment. Therefore, we ask all learners to take the iProtean pledge.

Work with us to build the right ILP strategy

We will take into account the number of board members, levels of experience and organization goals to help build the right ILP strategy.

Select courses that are relevant to the board room conversations

The iPro team will help recommend courses that will help move the conversation in the boardroom.

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