"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."

-Michael Jordan

Anthony Ronga


Non-work related skill: Illustrations

Pet’s name: Nova (cat)

Hobby/sport or activity you enjoy: Martial Arts

Myers-briggs personality type: ENFJ

Best dish you can prepare: Pasta & meatballs

Favorite Movie: Carlito's Way


Anthony’s business education started as a young boy...

...when he attended business meetings with his father and associates. These early conversations sparked his passion for entrepreneurship and shaped his mind to always look for opportunities.

While working on his Bachelor of Science in Product Design at Arizona State University, he began exercising his entrepreneurial mind by recruiting best students from the design school into a small makeshift agency. Anthony found the clients, generated the concepts and delegated tasks to the most qualified students. The clients received discounted services, the classmates earned money and Anthony discovered the impact of bringing the right talent together.

After graduation, Anthony spent the remaining days of the dot-com boom as a strategist at a Silicon Valley web agency. He was afforded the opportunity to organize a gaming department, implemented new streamlined processes and generate web concepts for entertainment brands like Disney and Arista Records. It was a dream job, but he had no skin in the game.

At the height of the bubble, Anthony convinced his childhood friend to help him build a 10 person web agency that developed web strategies and digital projects for companies like Logitech, Nike and Bristol-Myers Squibb. Even after some success, the agency model was not scalable enough for Anthony.

Eventually, Anthony would find his scalable opportunity by shifting focus to the needs of the professional photography industry. With a talented team in place, a targeted industry and a technology that filled a void, this new venture quickly scaled to over 10K clients worldwide.

Soon after, Arizona State University invited Anthony to guest lecture in their master’s program on various entrepreneurship topics including marketing, strategy and finding opportunity. Working with the students reignited Anthony’s need to branch out and participate as an advisor and investor in various startups. It was this path that lead him to iProtean.

At iProtean, Anthony leads the creative and technology strategies of the brand. His goal is to bring together all of the attributes he has developed over the past 20 years as an entrepreneur to help shape learning opportunities for healthcare leaders.

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