“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

- Albert Einstein

Amanda Kueh

Content Strategist

Always craving: A green smoothie

Favorite travel destination: Switzerland

Most used app: Spotify

Myers-briggs personality type: INFJ

Nonprofit you support: GrowNYC

One bucket list item: Publish a book

Movie character you love: Jack Sparrow

Healthcare consultant by day….

Avid learner, multi-tasker, and farmer’s market connoisseur, also by day.

Between economics courses, sorority philanthropy functions, and the nutrition club in college, Amanda found the extracurricular role that shaped her university experience: teaching assistant for Intro to Policy Analysis. Each week, she was tasked with creating exciting and relevant content to engage students in her section that covered topics from healthcare to intellectual property rights to the national debt. She can’t help but feel like the challenge of finding fresh perspectives and innovative ways to help the learning process holds an uncanny parallel to her role at iProtean now.

Amanda works closely with experts in the industry to understand the learning needs in healthcare and to curate the best content for iProtean customers. She brings her dedication to impactful education, keen attention to detail, and outcome-oriented work ethic as she runs point between the different company operations that make the videos happen.

In addition to her role as a content strategist at iProtean, Amanda is an analyst at a healthcare consulting firm where she specializes in data analytics for value-based care delivery models and physician compensation design. She received her B.S. in Policy Analysis and Management with a minor in Business from Cornell University. When not keeping up with Medicare’s latest regulatory decisions, she can be found taking brisk walks around NYC or exploring new restaurants with friends.

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