iProtean's formula for success

As a virtual board education company, it is our business to know how to motivate volunteer hospital trustees to embrace learning. After much experimentation, we have identified 5 essential strategies, that when implemented, have dramatically increased learning activity for our hospital partners by over 70%. Outlined below are 5 key strategies that you can initiate today.


Mindset: Make learning part of the plan

Make learning a part of your success plan. Create consistent learning among your trustees by making it a priority across the entire hospital system. Impart a mindset that learning is not optional, but mandatory.

Action: Ask for a commitment

Discuss the importance of education, agree that learning will become a priority and add it to your bylaws. In addition, we ask all of our trustees to take the "iProtean Pledge" - a commitment to learning and ongoing education.


Mindset: Learning will not happen organically

Information overload is a problem when asking someone to self-manage their learning. Instead, provide the trustee with various trusted resources and create clear learning goals each year.

Action: Create learning pathways

Our recommendation is to evaluate the learning needs of your organization and individual trustees. Then, create a learning pathway of scheduled courses for each individual. iProtean has a built-in calendar feature that allows us to schedule courses with due dates for each trustee.


Mindset: Learning with a team is fun

Our most successful clients have experienced an increase in individual learning activity when trustees can see the learning accomplishments of their peers. It creates momentum, inspiration and comradery.

Action: Create gamification

Make all individual learning accomplishments visible to the entire group. Allowing the trustees to see their peers' learning accomplishments will inspire them to stay on track with their own learning pathway. As an example, iProtean offers a leader-board feature that showcases each trustee's total points and ranking (much a like a video game) for learning accomplishments.


Mindset: Rewarding is important

If learning goals have been established for an individual trustee, then it is important to recognize and reward their learning milestones along their journey.

Action: Offer certificates

Many of our hospital clients were surprised at how important it was to their trustees to receive some recognition for their learning. Offer certificates to motivate the trustee to continue their education. iProtean offers a certificate for each completed course in our virtual learning management system.


Mindset: Education must be accessible

A post-pandemic world makes it is harder for a trustee to travel. In addition, many educational opportunities will be postponed or canceled. Therefore, the education must be accessible by the trustee from anywhere.

Action: Embrace virtual learning

Offering a virtual education opportunity that can be consumed by the trustee from their computer is a must-have. iProtean offers a board education platform that can deliver courses directly to the trustee's desktop and mobile devices. In addition, we offer a virtual experience that brings distinguished subject matter experts straight into the boardroom.

Who is iProtean?

iProtean is a virtual board education company that curates, creates and distributes relevant content to hospital trustees. We package over 70 courses in Finance, Governance, Mission & Strategy, Quality and Technology & Innovation into a digital interface that can be accessed by board members from their desktop or mobile devices. Take a tour of our platform below.

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