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iProtean Subscription Agreement

On behalf of Team iProtean, we are very pleased to welcome Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital as partner to our virtual board education platform for hospital trustees and administrators. Pursuant to our conversation on December 9th, and because of your successful participation in the iPro Education Pilot, below please find a list of key terms and conditions for your review:


Alice Peck Day will be enrolled as a free double-upgrade to the iProtean Best subscription plan which includes:

  • Knowledge Library: Access to all video courses in Governance, Finance, Mission & Strategy, Quality, Innovation & Technology, and American Hospital Association Series.

  • Key Features: Includes Mobile-ready; Star-rating; nudge notifications; digital certification; dashboard; quarterly reporting calls; concierge planning; as well as any new features introduced for this tier during the term of this agreement.

  • Learning Modules: Includes Individual Learning Pathways (ILPs) and Group Learning Pathways (GLP) for both self-directed and group learning settings.

  • Virtual Expert: Includes virtual participation of iProtean subject matter experts for your board or committee members, with a total of one (1) virtual visit during the term of the agreement. This service is subject to mutual coordination of calendars and expert suitability. Hospital agrees to provide at least 45 days advance notice for calendar planning purposes.

  • Alice Peck Day Featured Content: Includes one (1) custom-designed video segment featuring an individual from inside the Alice Peck Day organization (e.g., SME, thought leader, physician leader, c-suite executive, otherwise) with the express intent to internally curate the subject, work with your team to content plan and design, remotely film using the iPro virtual production apparatus, post-produce into a concise video segment, and hand-off a finished piece of work that APD can then distribute as it sees fit to its stakeholders.

  • Calendar: Includes features to promote curriculum individualized for each learner. Hospital agrees to work with iProtean during the onboarding period to co-design pathways and help identify most suitable courses depending on goals and objectives.

  • Swapping: iProtean grants Hospital a right to "swap out" board member seats three times during the term provided the seat becomes available as a result of a terming board member, resignation, or by special request.

  • iProtean Pledge: As part of our mission to create cultures of education excellence, iProtean agrees to donate to Hospital 3 free learner licenses for a subsequent year, if in the aggregate, the board completes its certification target at 90% or better to goal.

  • Branded Dashboard: Includes hospital logo, and digital marketing billboard, to highlight content provided by or recommended for Alice Peck Day.


Please review the items and check the acceptance box below.

  • Term: One (1) year agreement commencing on January 1, 2021 and expiring on December 31, 2021; with a future option to renew for a second one-year term available at a discount, subject to the conditions stipulated below.

  • Fee: Non-refundable fee in the amount of $22,500 with payment due within 21 days of signing, and with the signed agreement due by December 21st.

  • Performance Based Discount: iProtean is prepared to grant a future one-time 10% discount ($2,250) made available to offset year two renewal fees, provided Alice Peck Day: 1) collectively completes 80% or better its certification targets during the first six months of the program (January - June); and 2) executes its renewal for a second term no later than July 6, 2021.

  • Discount Explanation: Based on its successful participation in the iPro Education Pilot, this preferred package will include up to 20 licenses for learners that classify as board members, c-suite, or physician leaders. Alice Peck Day shall be granted a double-tier upgrade, at no additional charge, to the iProtean Best subscription plan:

    • List rate for Best Plan: $52,500
    • List rate for Better Plan: $29,500
    • List rate for Good Plan: $22,500
    • Savings extended to Alice Day Peck: $30,000
  • Registrant Licenses: Includes up to 20 registered learners each with complete LMS access.

  • Confidentiality & Data Privacy: Alice Day Peck agrees to respect and preserve the confidentiality of this agreement and refrain from sharing the fee structure to third parties. iProtean shall protect the individual privacy of data gathered during the relationship at all times, and if data is disseminated for educational purposes, such data shall remain anonymized, and treated in accordance with industry best practices.

  • Remittance: Payment due within 21 days, and made payable by check to: iProtean. Please mail to: Veralon Partners, c/o iProtean, 3 Bala Plaza West, Suite 702, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004


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