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Participate at the 2019 AHA Leadership Summit

100 Insights to Transform Healthcare

In partnership with the AHA Center for Health Innovation, Team iProtean is hosting quick-format interviews - filmed live and on the spot - with any willing attendee interested in joining the challenge. Participants will be asked a simple question, and invited to freely share insights on the future of healthcare. For every bold insight received we will donate [X time] with [Y recipients] to further education in healthcare.

How it Works

We've made helping a [Rural hospital] as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Register as a participant

Click the link below to reserve your spot as a participant. Our team will contact you to schedule an available time slot and share a series of topics for you to choose from. In addition, the first [X#] registrants will receive a [Gift].

2. Share an Insight

Our ambassadors will be at the 2019 Summit to greet you and guide you through the process. Once you have had a moment to collect your thoughts, simply step up to the camera and share one insight inside of two minutes.

3. Pay it forward

After your 2 minute video is completed, we will select a trustee or an executive leader at an [AHA affliated Rural hospital] and donate a one year iProtean subscription in your name.

Sharing with the world

All 100 insights will be available for the public in a compilation video that will be shared on [XYZ Social Media accounts]. To ensure that you are one of the first to see the compilation video, please click on the link below and sign up for notification.

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